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5 lies rope companies tell rope buyers to get them to buy and how to avoid these

Posted by David Dodd on

Rope companies will often tell you that you NEED to replace your rope after every so often.

They’ll also tell you that you HAVE to get new, expensive stuff on a regular basis.

And they’ll lead you to believe that ordering in bulk is better than by the foot.

(cost wise, it can be, but not 100% of the time)

So what are the 5 lies that rope suppliers will lead you believe, when making the decision to buy new rope for your lake project, construction site, or landscaping job?

The top 5 lies to avoid when buying rope

  1. Buy a new spool every year. Not true. There are all kinds of varying degrees to replacing your rope. Check out our article about how to gauge whether or not you need new stuff.
  1. Buying by the spool will save you money. Also a lie. Just because rope is sold in bulk, via a spool, doesn’t mean it less costly. Sometimes this is the case, but not always. What is you don’t have the storage space for 1 or 2 spools? What is buying rope by the foot is a better fit for your specific application? Buy according to your need, not according to what some sales guy tells you. Want to learn how to save 300% percent on your next order? Check out how here.
  1. Buying ‘through our catalog’ is better than online. If you’re curious as to how companies are charging 300% more, in catalogs, and online, check out this article here. Until then, do your homework. Buying in a catalog can be just as expensive as buying online. Bottom line: get educated before you buy your rope in bulk.
  1. Buying online is scary. While we can understand the apprehensiveness about buying online, especially larger orders, it’s not that bad. Ordering online most often times, saves you money and time. And there’s plenty of options to help you order online, as well. Again, do your research and weight all the rope-buying options.
  1. Buying online is easy. Not always. Some rope-buying websites are just plain terrible. Most rope buying sites are nothing short of anti-helpful. So what do you do? Once you find a great rope-buying site, bookmark it, save it and build a relationship with them. Your goal should be to make buying landscaping rope, construction rope, or rope for home decor projects as simple as possible. Read about the best places to buy rope online, here.

Avoid the lies by arming yourself with knowledge

For more free information on what things to look for, when evaluating the best places to buy rope, click here to get educated at our Knowledge Center.