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3 dangers of not ordering rope online, and out of a catalog.

Posted by David Dodd on

If you’ve ever ordered industrial supplies from a catalog, you know how tricky it can be.

From understanding shipping, to colors, to quantity, it’s almost tougher than ordering online.

And if you’ve ever ordered rope for construction projects, landscaping projects, decor project and the like, you want to know what you’re getting and when, for your rope purchase.

Catalog’s don’t often tell you that.

So we’ve decided to answer the question surrounding the 3 dangers of ordering rope out of a catalog, rather than online.

Catalogs don’t give you much info

When buying rope in a catalog, they unfortunately don’t give you much info. There’s no reviews, no discount codes, no shipping or tax costs.

You’re flying blind, for the most part.

For example, if you want to order a spool of twisted nylon rope for a construction project, you’ll have a tough time determining how much it is to ship, as well as what the cost is per foot or per spool.

You also won’t be able to see reviews by other people who’ve purchased it, which is valuable as this help influence your purchase, by helping you make a good decision.

While ordering from a catalog might be helpful and easy at time, just know that there are many things that can be missed because of the lack of knowledge.

Catalogs don’t build trust

When buying rope online, you need to buy from a online store you trust.

You need to trust that you’re getting the right amount of rope, the right price for it, and if something goes wrong, that you’ll be able to receive good customer service from the online company you ultimately buy from.

A catalog doesn’t do this. There’s danger in that. Buyers beware.

Look online, as well as in your catalog when buying rope for you dock and boat application.

Catalogs could be charging you 300% more

If you’re buying rope online for a landscaping project, boat and dock project, or a decor project, you could be paying up to 300% more than you need to. Check out what we wrote about this pricing-ugliness by clicking here.

Catalog pricing is usually outdated, higher than online, and can vary. Most buyers don’t want pricing surprises, they want certainty. Be sure you research this aspect of buying rope from a catalog to avoid being gouged.

Before you buy online, go here

Before you make your buying decision, check us out here.

You’ll not only find great knowledge about specific bulk rope applications, but you’ll also get to experience how easy it is to order online, while saving time and money.