Why buying bulk rope for construction projects from a large distributors is negatively impacting your bottom line

Posted by David Dodd on

If you’ve ever purchased bulk rope for a construction site, whether to be used as rope for marking off where pedestrians can and can’t walk, or rope for hoisting purposes, you’ve probably bought online or through some sort of catalog.

Maybe a Grainger site, or Northern Tool, as an example.

Have you ever wondered what the cost differences are versus buying directly from a rope business?

We’re here to tell you that you may be paying more for your construction bulk rope than you need to be paying.

  1. Large distributors have lost leaders, which typically isn’t rope. A lost leader is a product that a supplier sells, like power tools or batteries for tools, that is a commodity and sold often. To an industrial supplier, a lost leader doesn’t make a lot of money in its profit margins, thus labeled a commodity. These are very competitively prices items that large suppliers sell to businesses. Often times, however, rope is not a lost leader. It’s a product that is purchased often enough, but not a commodity like coffee or office supplies, for example. So when buying rope, or whatever item, you need to understand that buying lesser purchased items may mean higher prices that could be costing you more at check-out. Even with your discount or tiered pricing with your supplier, you’re undoubtedly paying more than you need. Our advice: do your research to avoid spending more.
  1. Specific items need your fact-checking skills. Not all items you purchase for a construction job-site will be more expensive through a supplier. You may need to check specific items, especially if you’re buying large dollar amounts, to ensure you’re getting the very best pricing. Items like rope, either through the spool or by the foot, may be one of these items. Safety supplies and outdoor equipment are other non-commodity items that may be more expensive through a supplier. Do your due-diligence on when ordering more targeted items such as these.

Bottom line: there are tons of online suppliers to purchase from, on the web. Just make sure you, as a landscaping owner, buyer, or someone in procurement, is researching the above before you buy.

Treat yourself better. Demand better.

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