Top 3 things to watch out for when making online rope purchases

Posted by David Dodd on

If you’re in charge of purchasing, you’ve probably made online shopping a regular habit.

Maybe you’ve bought rope online, or office supplies, or things for your business through Amazon. Either way, you’re more than likely a bit knowledgeable about how buying online works.

But...there are pitfalls as well. Do you know what they are? Do you know how to avoid them?

Before you make your next purchase of bulk rope, or whatever, be sure and watch out for these aspects of online procurement.
1. Getting sucked in by a sale. Forrester Research, a large data consultancy firm that studies data about online buying, reports that consumers get about 91 emails per day with special offers to entice buyers to buy. With all these sales offers crowding our email inboxes it’s easy to spend hours online, researching all the different items to purchase on the web. Often times, these offers “appear” all well and good, but are no different than by shopping without an offer. But if you ARE going to buy online, be sure and get a free shipping code or research a coupon code to cut costs. Ultimately, don’t get sucked in by a sale.

2. Buying just to get free shipping. Many businesses that sell online offer free shipping if you spend above a certain threshold. If you end up spending more than $50, $100 or $500, for example, you will get free shipping. Essentially, the more you spend, the more you save. Last fall, Amazon raised its threshold for free shipping from $25 to $35, likely prompting consumers to order extra items to meet the $35 minimum. While buying a certain dollar amount may or may not be tough to do, depending, the goal is to not shop just to save. Although free shipping is a worthwhile reason to buy, you need to beware. Be sure whether you’re procuring rope or some other industrial supply, that you’re buying because you need to, not just to save with shipping.

3. Using debit instead of credit. With the recent data breaches at several companies, consumers should be careful about the information they use when checking out via a shopping cart. Compared to debit cards, credit cards are more secure for online transactions and offer better consumer protections against unauthorized transactions. So, if you’re a construction company, landscaping business, or anyone looking to purchase rope in bulk, be sure and use that Business Mastercard or American Express, rather than your Visa debit card.

There you have it. When buying rope, or whatever online, you’ll want to be sure and spend wisely.

Most importantly, you, as a business consumer, needs to demand a better online experience.

Demand better.

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