How your landscaping firm can use sites like Pinterest and Facebook to fill your sales funnel with spring projects

Posted by David Dodd on

As a landscaping company, you get really busy, really fast in the spring time.

From customers buying things in your retail store to larger projects at customers’ homes, you understand the concept of hustle.

But how can you ultimately get customers to buy residential landscaping projects or commercial landscaping projects from your landscaping firm? How can you successfully fill your sales pipeline with more profitable projects, such as these?

Through creating marketing that your prospects and customers will love, that’s how.

So, how do you go about this feat?

Use social media, and of course, your website.

Pinterest, Facebook and others

If you simply search landscaping and rope + Pinterest, you’ll find thousands of images.

Images that highlight projects, images that show happy customers, and images that show unique ways that you, as a landscaping design-artist, can use rope to grow your business.

For example, take a look here, where you’ll see how these specific landscaping companies used Pinterest and social media to showcase their projects, thus building trust and credibility with their future clients.

How do you use Pinterest to showcase these images?

Simple: you just start. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have an iPhone or Droid.
  2. Download the Pinterest App from iTunes or the Droid App store.
  3. Find some ropes, like a manila rope for example, that you’ve used on a dock or around a home, then snap some pictures of this with your iPhone.
  4. Upload the images to your Pinterest App, from your iPhone.
  5. Link your social media icons to your main website, to ensure that others can see them when they visit your site.
  6. Do this consistently. We’d suggest taking 15-20 pictures per week and uploading them.

Once done, upload those pictures to Facebook, if you can. If you don’t have a Facebook account, get one. It’s not hard and by promoting all these photos, you’ll now be able to showcase your work in multiple ways.

Believe it or not, your prospects and customers want to see your work. So show them all your excellent rope projects, using social media.

Treat yourself better. Demand better.

For all kinds of free knowledge, and to learn how you, as someone involved in landscaping, can get a better buying experience, visit us here.

And for more free information about how to make a great rope-buying decision, click here to get educated at our Knowledge Center.

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