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4 benefits of ordering bulk rope online, as well by fax.

Posted by David Dodd on

Do businesses even use fax machines anymore, when ordering things like rope?

Yes..yes they do. The fax is very much alive.

So when we get the question: “can we fax our order to your office” we tend to get excited.

Why? Because every order and every customer that buys rope from us is one we’re grateful for.

On top of that, we know that some bulk-rope-buyers find value in both online ordering, and fax orders. Naturally, we want to help buyers no matter what form of technology they use.

In light of this, we developed a list of the top 4 benefits associated with ordering bulk rope online, whether using fax or not.

Benefit #1: Online is safe

When ordering online, there can be many fears.

Fears like will I order the right quantity, will shipping costs be high, and is my information safe.

Despite these fears, ordering online is just as safe as sending a fax, or sending a paper check.

Your contact info is safe, as is your payment info. So when you hit the “confirm” or “order” button, know that you’re info is as secure as it’s ever been when ordering rope via the world wide web.

We also use web-technology that gives extra encryption, to protect your valued data.

Check out what PC Mag, one of the webs best sources of technology news, says about buying online.

Be encouraged, your payment and contact info is definitely safe ordering ropes online.

Benefit #2: Fax is safe

When sending a fax, your info is just as safe.

A fax is simply a direct way to send rope ordering info, contact and shipping info, as well as payment info.

Imagine the online shopping cart like a literal one. You add an item, finish your shopping, then head to the checkout counter where you hand the clerk your payment info.

They swipe it, or take your cash, and away you go.

Fax is no different. Just no clerk to take your payment info. You figure out what you want, you choose a quantity, then fill out a form complete with contact and payment data, then scan into a machine and away you go.

Bottom line: shopping online may be faster, but fas is still an option when ordering online.

Benefit #3: You know precisely what you order, when you order it

The other huge benefit of ordering online is there are few errors.Meaning, if you buy a spool of manila rope, for example, for $600, you most times receive a confirmation email with the order
details. These confirmation emails tell you exactly what you ordered and when.

If there are order mistakes, you can simply contact the company you ordered from and have it changed. (easier than it sounds, yes, but most times this works)

By ordering via fax, this luxury is not as straightforward. For instance, if your handwriting is as bad as ours, that means by writing an order on a piece of paper and submitting this written order via fax, there may be errors or may be hard to read. By not being able to effectively read a handwritten order, there may be mistakes that could cause ordering mistakes, or a delay in the shipment due to the business you’re buying from having to reach out to you to confirm.

Bottom line: you’re going to be able to be more precise when ordering online, and have a better set of checks and balances. Fax is fine, just a bit less accurate sometimes.

Benefit #4: Fax can be a bit more personal

When ordering via a fax, there’s an extra step: confirming the order and payment.

When you fax an order, for instance, the business you’re ordering from usually reaches out to you with a phone call or direct email. You don’t often get this personal touch when ordering online.

And if you’ve changed your mind, when ordering from a fax, you can often times communicate this when the rope company sends you the email or places the phone call.

If you’ve changed your mind on a quantity of twisted nylon rope, after you’ve ordered online, it can be a bit tricky to change this. Fax, not so much.

It is a bit easier to change quantities when submitting fax orders.

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