Top 3 aspects to consider when buying rope online

Posted by David Dodd on

Your time is important. Whether you’re involved in buying rope for your landscaping company, construction site or Veterinary clinic, your time is money.

So when you visit a site and look to buy, you ultimately want to find what you’re looking for in the fastest time possible.

Especially during the holiday season, which is upon us.

With that, we’ve developed a sure-fire method to help you watch out for things that could potentially trip you up in your quest to order efficiently.

#1 Aspect to consider when buying online: Price. The majority of online sites offer prices that are different from a catalog or by calling them directly. That said, Hercules Bulk Rope’s site has pricing that is all the same, give or take. Be sure and fact-check the various websites that sell rope, or other industrial goods, to make sure it’s all honest.

#2 Aspect to consider when buying online: Convenience. When buying rope online, whether by the foot or in bulk, you should desire a check-out process that is easy and convenient. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the products and images laid out in a fashion that’s convenient for you to see them and possibly buy them?
  • Is the check-out process or shopping cart simple and convenient to navigate?
  • For example, can you see what’s in your cart? Can you check the proper quantities?
  • Is the customer service accessible, in case an ordering issue comes up, like an email or a phone number?
  • Are there product reviews to consider, that help you in your product buying experience?

Ask these things when attempting to make your rope buying experience a great one.

#3 Aspect to consider when buying online: Shipping schedule. Not shipping cost, although this is important, rather the shipping schedule. Let us explain.

Often times, whether you’re buying a twisted manila rope or a double braided nylon, you need to know when you can get it. Different shipping and handling may apply depending on where you are ordering from, and different shippers have different schedules. Spee-Dee delivery may deliver on a different day than UPS or Fed-Ex, thus delaying your rope orders. Be sure and validate this, prior to ordering.

Treat yourself better. Demand better.

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