Double Braid Nylon Rope 3/8"

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Double Braid Nylon Rope 3/8"

Break Strength:
4625 lbs

Product Description

Double Braid Nylon is manufactured just like it sounds. There is a tightly woven jacket that is wrapped around a loosely braided core. The advantage of a double braid is that it is much stronger than just a twisted nylon due to the number of fibers it is made from. Also the outer shell protects the rope from abrasion while giving it very smooth feel. Much like solid braid nylon it is very flexible and pliable, but unlike solid braid it can be spliced. Many utility contractors like this rope because it is great for pulling cable through conduit. Double braid nylon absorbs shock loads very well and is resistant to rot, which also makes it perfect for towing.

Nylon is the highest strength, stretch and shock absorbency of any synthetic rope. Our double braided nylon is treated with a marine finish to reduce internal yarn abrasion and water absorption. We do this extra step to give the rope an extended service life.

A spool contains 600 ft

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