Double Braid Polyester Rope 5/8"

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Double Braid Polyester Rope 5/8"

Break Strength:
12275 lbs

Product Description

Double Braid Polyester is manufactured just like it sounds. There is a tightly woven jacket that is wrapped around a loosely braided core. This double braid helps the rope is a variety of ways. The main difference between nylon and polyester is that polyester doesn't stretch. Double Braid polyester is ideal for controlled lifting and pulling applications such as use with winches, capstans,  and block and tackle. Another benefit is that polyester has a high abrasion resistance.

Double braid polyester is marked with a single green tracer on the outer jacket of the rope. Another advantage to a double braid is that it is able to be spliced with an eye on the end.


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