Manila Rope 5/8"

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Manila Rope 5/8"

Break Strength:
3960 lbs

Product Description

Manila Rope, also referred to hemp or jute rope, is a natural fiber rope that is made of plant fiber grown in the Philippines. Being that it is a natural fiber, it is subject to mildew and rot over time, however; this takes place on the inside of the rope thus leaving the outside looking great for years to come. It is a very popular and natural looking rope that is often used for deck railings or handrails leading down to the water. Due to its cost effectiveness, we also see it used for the following: exercise/workouts, swings, tug of war, landscaping, decorative use, general farm work, and climbing rope.

*Please note that due to the natural fibers of the rope, the color can vary from spool to spool.

A coil contains 600 ft

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