Solid Braid Nylon Rope 1/2"

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Solid Braid Nylon Rope 1/2"

Break Strength:
5300 lbs

Product Description

Solid Braid Nylon is known for its superior strength and how easy it is to work with. Solid braid nylon is similar to our twisted nylon in that it is very resistant to abrasion and natural elements. Unlike a twisted rope, this is braided together making it very smooth, round, and firm even when placed under pressure. Solid Braid Nylon is a very smooth rope which makes it good for use in pulleys, winches or blocks. Consumers will also use it as a flagpole rope or even as a clothesline. Another popular use for solid braid nylon is using it to pull cables or wires through conduit, making it perfect for contractors.

A spool contains 1000 feet

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