Synthetic Winch Line 3/8"

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Synthetic Winch Line 3/8"

Break Strength:
20000 lbs

Product Description

Our synthetic winch line is a 12 strand HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) rope made from Dyneema fibers. It has an unmatched weight to strength ratio. When comparing it to steel wire rope of the same diameter it will have the same tensile strength at roughly 15% of the weight. Our synthetic winch lines have excellent abrasion resistance and does great when exposed to UV, salt water.

The standard color is orange (color may vary) which is intended to maintain visibility after extended use. With a specific gravity of less than one, it will float on top of the water. We have utilized this rope in mining operations as well as for replacing winch lines of ATV/UTV and other off-road vehicles.

As always, our synthetic winch lines are made here in the USA. They can be easily spliced to create a recovery rope or tow line. The rope works well to create soft shackles as well.

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