Twisted Nylon Rope 1/2"

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Twisted Nylon Rope 1/2"

Break Strength:
7510 lbs

Product Description

Twisted Nylon is a synthetic rope that took the place of manila in many applications. Nylon is the highest strength, stretch and shock absorbency of any synthetic rope. Our twisted nylon is made in the U.S.A and is steam heat set prior to twisting to help reduce the risk of shrinkage in the field. Twisted nylon is also very resistant to abrasion. Unlike most other rope types, it elasticity allows it to be able to absorb an initial shock load and return to form. It holds up to the wind and weather very well and can be stored wet, it will not rot. Twisted nylon is a very popular choice of contractors for a variety of applications. It is very pliable rope that can be easily spliced together.

A spool contains 600 ft

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